Complex SPEF Form .. blank.gif loading many many times

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    Hello! I have a very complex SPEF Form .. many fields and many SPEF Containers …

    I’m trying to track down slowness in the form loading/rendering and in the network trace I see /_layouts/15/images/blank.gif?rev=40 downloading a lot … 100 times in my case.

    * IE11 shows the referer as the form: NewForms.aspx
    * Chrome shows the initiator as jquery.bundle.min.js:14

    I’m very new to trying to tracing performance and browser memory stuffs … It appears that the number of times blank.gif is being loaded seems to cause some level of pending/latency (not sure of the terms) ?

    Does SPEF have some relation to using blank.gif?rev=40 ?

    If so, could further explanation be provided?
    If so, is there a way to minimize calling/loading blank.gif so many times?

    As ALWAYS – I love love love SPEasyForms !!!


    Hmmmmm…. I think I may see what is happening …

    The NewForm is a brut force kind of form … contains lots of date fields for being able to customize time on each given day …

    The SharePoint Date Field comes along with the calendar picker icon… and an iframe with a src= … / blank.gif?rev=40 AND inside of that is an img tag with a src = …. / blank.gif?rev=40

    Already there are many loads of blank.gif?rev=40

    So …. When SPEF does the form formatting … the insertion of the new row in the New/Edit forms creates a new DOM element … which may cause yet another set of blank.gif?rev=40 server requests ???

    Gosh darn SharePoint …


    Joe McShea

    Yeah, sorry, didn’t see this over the weekend. But SPEasyForms doesn’t do anything specific with blank.gif. SharePoint, however, uses it a lot to provide precise horizontal or vertical padding, which didn’t work particularly precisely on older browsers. But it’s a pretty crappy technique to use on modern browsers.

    And yes, as I move those things around it can cause the browser to reload those resources. They’re absolutely tiny though, and they should get cached, but certainly there is still a price to be paid.

    In general, when people tell me they have a complex form and they’re having performance problems, I suggest they remove SPEasyForms and quantify it (easiest way is to rename spef_layouts_(YOURGUID).txt to something else). Mostly I find, they still have performance problems without SPEasyForms. I didn’t promise to make SharePoint faster 😉

    Over the years I have found and fixed a few performance problems caused by SPEasyForms, but at this point I’ve seen it used on some absurdly complex forms without issue.


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