Conditional Visibility – Process only up to 1st True ?

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    Hello –

    Wondering if the visibility processing in EasyForms is still up to only the 1st True evaluation?

    I’m working on a configuration where by if the *Reason For Cancel* field is not “n/a” the field would be colored RED and made Visible… Seems I can have one or the other ? but not both ?

    Is it possible for EasyForms to process all of the *true* visibility conditions on a given form?

    SPEasyForms ROCKS !!

    Joe McShea

    This would be very hard to fix, and would also cause problems because of the way certain evaluations work. For instance, I should be able to do:

    Show FieldX for “Members”
    Hide FieldX from AllUsers

    This field would show if you’re a member and hide for everyone else, but there would be no way to do that if I didn’t stop evaluation at the first true.

    So stopping at the first hit isn’t exactly a limitation/bug, it’s by design, and changing it would break many existing configurations.

    An alternative would be that I could allow you to specify multiple states for a single rule, but that is fraught with peril too. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to allow both Hidden and ReadOnly.

    So at the moment, I can’t see a way to give you what you want without breaking existing configurations, and that I just can’t do, or allowing configurations that don’t make sense. I’ll think about it though, and let you know if I come up with something.


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    Joe McShea

    I’ve thought about it and the problem is something that I realized a long time ago. When I implemented those highlight conditional visibility states, I really mixed together to divergent concepts; conditional visibility and conditional formatting.

    It makes sense for conditional visibility rules to stop processing at the first hit. That doesn’t necessarily make sense for conditional formatting rules. In fact, I thought about adding other formatting rules, and maybe even one where you could apply some arbitrary CSS based on the same kind of conditions, and if multiple rules conflicted with each other the browser would sort it out however it sorts out conflicting CSS rules.

    Unfortunately, this would be a pretty big change, and I don’t know when I might get to it, but I will consider separating out conditional visibility from conditional formatting, and making the format rules work such that all matching rules would execute, if that is of interest to you.


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