SPEasyForms 2018.03 Released

I have released a new version of SPEasyForms to address a couple of issues in 2018.02, and particularly one that was introduced by the bug fix for 2018.01.  In this version:

Fixed in 2018.03:

Issue 78 – PreSaveAction does not get called on forms with SPEasyForms configuration.
Issue 79 – jQuery.noconflict does not always resolve conflicts with other versions of jQuery loaded.

2 thoughts on “SPEasyForms 2018.03 Released

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    tratone - October 23, 2019

    I have the version 04 installed on Sharepoint 2016 and the issue with list dialog still persists with a delay (2-3 secs)…Do you have any workaround about this delay???
    Let me know please…

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      Joe McShea - November 12, 2019

      I do not. The problem is that SharePoint JavaScript resizes the dialog incorrectly a couple of seconds after it loads. So if I resize it right away, SharePoint will just resize it back to too small. It’s not ideal, but its back to working as it always has.

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